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Nail Your Q+As and Interviews with These 10 Tips!

10 tips to absolutely nail your live broadcasts on social media--before you say a single word! Click "View Course" then "Enroll" to download the FREE guide!

0 to 60 Confidence!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… For some people, confidence isn’t innate, it’s a PRACTICE!

That’s right, you have to practice confidence. You have to learn what confidence looks like, how it sounds, and how it feels.

These exercises will accelerate your confidence in your speaking skills--we’re going from zero to 60! In this course I’ll demonstrate three ways you can work on looking and sounding like a confident spokesperson or brand ambassador--in 60 seconds or less!

Give Life to Your Speaking Opportunities with CPR!

It’s time to give life to your speaking and media opportunities with a little CPR—credibility, personality and relatability!

We’ll use my CPR acronym to capitalize on the “Know/Like/Trust” factor in social media marketing. What makes you a credible provider of your business solution? How can you use your personality and relatable experiences to get potential buyers to like and trust you?

Let's tailor your communication to meets the expectations of your customers!

Box Talk Basics

It's Box Talk Basics!

Welcome to the course series that helps you build your confidence and marketing skills as a spokesperson for your brand, or brand ambassador for others!

I'll pick a random topic--out of a box--to show you how to structure a speech that captivates, and to speak credibly on that topic for at least one minute. Once you’ve mastered Box Talk, you will be able to apply this technique to nearly any speaking or media opportunity!

The Get Ready! Beginner Bundle: Media Training

The Beginner Bundle gets you started on the course to building confidence and growing your business via media opportunities. Three course lessons, bundled into one, media-focused package.

Course Bundle

More About Marceia Cork

Hello hello! It's Marceia Cork! I spent nearly 17 years in advertising, public relations, and strategic communications before changing my business model to work with individuals in employment transition. I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in advertising, a master’s degree in public communication and PR. I am a seasoned voiceover talent and I've voiced radio and television advertisements for many of the brands you know and trust.

Now I want to give you the confidence to explore your passion and make a lot of money doing it—with a novel approach that is rooted in public speaking, media opportunities, and on-camera training. 

Find out more at, and get on my calendar for a FREE 15-minute discovery call or 1-hour paid consultation to point you to the right courses and packages to grow your business.